The Secret to Flawless Eyeliner

We all know how frustrating it is when you get one winged eyeliner flick spot on, and the other one ends up making you look like a hungover panda. Even more frustrating is when both flicks match, you step outside and it’s raining – ruining your perfected flicky wings. It’s crazy how much having eyeliner on can boost our confidence and make us feel like our best self.

Microblading is normally considered a method to improve our eyebrows, to extend and fill them out. However, it’s being used a lot more now in semi permanent makeup and can be used to achieve the perfect smudge proof eyeliner that most crave. This method can be used to give you more naturally full looking eyelashes as the pigment is applied between the lashes to make them stand out more. The pigment can also be applied above the lash line to give you the cat eye that you want.

With this method you can cut down your morning routine time and have those precious extra minutes in bed! With this method of eyeliner you can avoid the dreaded smudging and naturally emphasise your eyes. Your new eyeliner will last around 6-12 months before requiring a top up, depending on your skin type. There are a range of pigments that can be combined to give you the perfect shade of eyeliner to bring out your eyes. This is all done on a case by case basis and you get to decide every step of the way, from the shade of the eyeliner to the thickness and shape.

Emily tailors each consultation to you and will guide you with her expert knowledge in microblading. She will understand what you’re looking for from your treatment and will help you decide on the shape and pigment shade. Emily will also learn about your lifestyle to help you make your decision, whether you wear makeup every day or not. For our expert guidance and treatments ring Harley Treatment Clinic today!

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