The Process & Aftercare


The Process

Initially you will require a patch test, this is not only to ensure against allergic reactions, but also to comply with our insurance policy. If you are not asked to have a patch test, you will not be covered by insurance should the worst happen, and let’s face it we’ve all seen the horror stories. Here at EA Aesthetics we pride ourselves on doing everything by the book and no corner cutting.

You will complete a medical questionnaire and give your consent for the treatment to be carried out.

When your medical history has been cleared and your patch test shown as negative, you are ready for your treatment.

At your main appointment you will be pre-numbed with a safe and legal numbing cream, this will sit on the surface of the skin for around 30 minutes and works for the majority of clients. The numbing cream is then removed, your face is measured, and a template drawn. Once you are happy with the shape and position of your new brows or lips, the treatment will begin. You can expect the treatment to take around 1 and a half hours including the template drawing. During the treatment your practitioner will ensure you are comfortable at all times. Once the brows are complete and you are happy, a ‘colour mask’ will be applied to the treated area for 10 minutes then very gently wiped away to reveal your beautiful new brows.

Pre and Post Care Information

Pre-Treatment Advice

Prior to your treatment day we ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking and taking ibuprofen, Coumadin and aspirin for 48 hours. These are blood thinners and can cause issues with not only the treatment process, but also your healing. If you’ve recently had anti-wrinkle treatments or brow tints you must wait a minimum of two weeks before having your brows created. It is also advised to wait until sunburned skin has completely healed before treatment.

Lip Treatment; stimulation of the lips due to permanent makeup can cause an outbreak of cold sores. This is not only uncomfortable but can affect the healing process and prevent your treatment from being successful. A simple dose of Aciclovir (anti-viral) medication can prevent this and a prescription can be obtained from your GP.


Post-Treatment Care

Dermal filler treatments can result in swelling and bruising, this is perfectly normal but if you experience anything beyond the normal please contact EA Aesthetics. When lips have been treated we request that you do not drink through a straw or smoke, when the face has been treated we ask that you aim to sleep on the back for a minimum of 2 days post treatment.

Line reducing consultation treatments may result in a small amount of redness and bumps, again this is normal and should not cause alarm, please refrain from lying down or bending over for 4 hours post treatment.

Microblading; After your treatment is complete, you will be given a sachet of healing balm which is to be applied sparsely twice daily over the area, only after thoroughly washing your hands, splashing your face with water and patting dry. If you find you are experiencing a ‘tight’ feeling please apply another sparse layer in the middle of the day, it is advised to apply the balm with a clean cotton bud- each end for each brow. Expect a fine crust to develop on the surface of the skin, this will go in time and under no circumstances should you pick the area, this will compromise the treatment and may result in a patchy appearance and sometimes even scarring. Patience is key with any permanent/semi-permanent treatment.

Our specialists are always more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have after your treatment is complete.



Human skin works in a cycle of cell renewal and shedding. The top layers of the skin cells shed allowing for the new cells underneath to come to the top. For this reason, your new brows will be fully seen in 30 days. You can expect to have a ‘crust’ over the area from day 2 up to day 14.

At around two weeks you may feel your brows have faded, even looking ‘silvery’ in colour, this is completely normal, and when you reach the 30-day mark, the pigment will start to push its way to the surface and become more prominent.  This is when you come back for a top up and the process starts again.

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