Move over sharp edge brows, fluffy brows have landed

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Already we are talking about summer, our vacations, the longing for the hot days again. Well, it’s not far round the corner now, so we are here to advise you the brow trends that are sneaking up on us this summer’19 and what are working their way out!

Our eyebrows are just like our clothes, as in they are some of the first things that people notice about us. A study that was done by MIT in 2011 where a group of people were shown well known celebrities with their eyebrows removed, resulted in the group only being able to identify the celebrity 46% of the time. This just shows us how much our eyebrows identify us!

We all know that amazing “Insta Brow”. That perfectly shaped, plucked, waxed, tinted filled out set in place with some gel surrounded by some highlight brow. For some people this is still the desired brow look, but Dior’s makeup artist Daniel Martin says that that instagrammable brow is definitely on it’s way out. It’s had it’s time in the limelight, so move over for the new looks of summer 2019!

The new look that’s starting to take the world by storm is the “Down to Earth Brow”. Many people already favour this look as it requires a lot less maintenance and a lot less product too! This brow is all about the low-key maintenance that is not as perfect and quite fluffy- it’s all about adding youthfulness to the face! It’s like having that messy bun that can complete an outfit- think bedhead of eyebrows! This super cute fluffy brow featured a lot in the 2019 spring New York Fashion Week, with the brow hairs brushed in an upwards direction to give that much more natural feel.

Lily Collins, a well known and loved celeb, has always favoured a more natural bushy brow and other celebs are already styling theirs similarly; The Olsen Twins and Beyonce were quick to jump on to this trend.

The way to achieve these brows- you’ll be delighted to know- involves no plucking! It will feel a bit weird, but take your clear mascara wand or brow brush and brush your eyebrows in an upwards direction. Despite it feeling weird at first, this will soon become second nature when you see the stunning results this provides! If your brows are a bit sparse use a brow powder or pencil to draw over the sparser parts, and you’re good to go! With this new summer trend set to take over, it’ll be bringing a whole new look to the “Instagram Brow” by the end of this year’s summer.

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