What is microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattoo, it sits in the upper layers of the skin and fades between 1 and 3 years.

Will the treatment hurt?

Not necessarily, most people say they feel a scratching sensation but it shouldn’t be unbearable, especially as the area is pre-numbed prior to treatment.

The process of microblading

Skin is cleansed with alcohol then facial measurements are used to create a truly bespoke brow template, you will be asked if this is a shape you’re happy with before treatment starts.  All of our designs are tailored to the individuals bone structure and their own hair growth pattern followed, this is how we create truly natural looking brows.

Microblading is applied using a row of micro fine needles that resemble a blade, hense the name ‘Microblade’.  Pigment is implanted in the upper layers of the skin which takes around 45 minutes.

After the microblading is complete a colour mask of pigment is applied, left for a few minutes then cleaned off.

What happens after microblading?

When the treatment is complete your aesthetician will explain how to keep your brows clean and the best way to care for them for your skin type.  The crusts will stay on the area for between 5-10 days after which you can resume normal skin care.  This is also when you’ll be booked in for your ‘top up’ or ‘perfecting session’ approximately 4 weeks later.  The whole treatment process from start to finish takes about 2 hours.

See the results

Top up treatment

At top up all steps that occurred in the main appointment are carried out again bar the template draw, so, the skin is cleaned, the healed strokes are colour assessed, skin numbed, strokes applied, colour mask applied, then the skin is cleaned again.

The healing process after top up is the same as after your main appointment and all aftercare should be followed again.  Don’t worry your aesthetician will remind you.


What you can expect directly after your microblading treatment

After your treatment you may feel a little tender, this is normal, however you should be able to go and carry on your daily routine.  If you regularly exercise please keep in mind that sweating on the treated area should be limited, as should sun exposure, cosmetics and water.  There should be no downtime with this treatment.  These restrictions are only for the first 7 days, after that you can resume normal activity.

You will notice crusts forming around days 2-4, again this is normal, they start to shed from day 5 on the average person. They will appear too thick and dark for a few days, this is all part of the process.  When the brows have completely healed in around 30 days from treatment you will be left with light fluffy strokes that have probably healed too light, that’s when you come for the perfecting session.


Support after treatment

If you have any worries or concerns following the days after your treatment our friendly team are on hand to call or email, and can answer any questions you may have or even to just refresh your memory on how to care about them.


If you have any further questions about how treatment occurs, please get in touch with our friendly team who are on hand to help either by calling 0203 888 0000 or using the form below.

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