Get that Flawless Festival Look

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It feels like just a couple of weeks ago we were all welcoming in the New Year – but somehow we are now into the fourth month and everyone is starting to get excited for festival season which is just around the corner!

Whether you’re looking forward to the long anticipated Glastonbury that took a break last year to glam and hippy yourself up, to lose control at TRNSMT or to rock out at Reading, we at Harley Treatment clinic have the answer to your prayers!

Most of us have the unfortunate experience of waking up at a festival in a tent, still wearing your muddy boots with yesterday’s mascara and eyeliner rubbed half way down your face. Glitter all over your legs and so deeply imbedded into your hair your pretty sure it’ll still be there next year. Hungry and hungover you stumble out your tent to see the campsite starting to come alive again for another day of music. All you want to do is start having fun with your friends but you’ve got reapply your glam now or you know it’ll never get done. Your half dried eyeliner pen, glitter that’s exploded in your bag thats mixed with some crumbs and your mismatched borrowed flip flops stomp off to the grim shared bathrooms. Doesn’t sound like the best part of the festival does it? It could be!

Here at Harley Treatment Clinic we think we can make your morning routine at your festival this summer your favourite part! Not only do we provide exceptional microbladed eyebrows, but our talented clinician Emily can also do wonders with your eyeliner and lips! Instead of having to contend with the yucky bathrooms at festivals you could wake up with flawless brows, the perfect cat-eye flick eyeliner and the best pout you could of hoped for! It would make a nice change not having to spend time on your glam, wouldn’t it?

Imagine waking up and your eyeliner isn’t rubbed half way down your face! Does it sound too good to be true? We promise you it’s not.

Imagine not having to fill in your brows! We know that how well your eyebrows go in the morning will shape your day.

Imagine waking up and already having the perfect pout. We realise how important having our lips done are as they complete a look!

We can offer you all of these treatments at Harley Treatment Clinic, and we are so sure that you’ll love them we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Have a look at our price list for multiple treatment discounts or ring one of our advisors today for their specialist advice!

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