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In the last 5 years of beauty, if there is one thing we’ve all learned is that full eyebrows are a thing and they’re here to stay. There’s a few variations of the full brow, but with absolute certainty we can say that the over plucked line eyebrows are gone, and they’re gone forever (thank goodness).

Your eyebrows make you feel good, they frame your face quite significantly and help you feel like you’re living your best self. The thing is, we know how tedious and boring filling out your brows day after day is. It can be the most strenuous part of your beauty routine trying to make your bows look like twins and not just sisters.You’d rather be in bed but no, you have to get up even earlier and make sure your brows definitely match today because you have that big meeting. We get it. Leading the perfect brow life is hard.

Enter Microblading…

It’s a way of banishing hunting for your eyebrows gel/pencil/palette in the morning when you’re still half asleep and thinking about your coffee calling your name from the kitchen. It’s a semi-permanent method where a qualified clinician applies natural looking hair strokes to your eyebrows with pigment that’s placed into the bottom layer of your epidermis. The  “I woke up like this” look is an absolute dream, but is the price worth it?

Many people have commented on the fact that they love that they don’t need to use any brow product anymore, it’s a real time saver! Also, the fact that they are constantly twinning it, that is massive thing. For sure, it is more expensive that your traditional wax and tint, but microblading is on the rise and is more commonly known now, just like your wax and tint.

At Harley Treatment Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing what others don’t. We will pick you up and bring you to our clinic for your appointment, we are the only ActFast provider on Harley Street and to top it off you will receive a complimentary bottle of champagne from us after your appointment. Our entire service from the second you ring us to book is nothing less than 5 stars. So get those amazing eyebrows you’ve always wanted and ring Harley Treatment Clinic today to speak to one of our advisors.

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