Does Your Diet Affect Your Eyebrows?

These days were are told different things all the time concerning our health and how our diet relates to it. Don’t eat carbs, eat more fats, actually no eat some carbs and very little fat but more veggies, no actually don’t eat past 6pm. It can very confusing to try and make sense of. However, a lot of our clients who have been coming to us have been experiencing hair loss from their eyebrows, which is the reason they came to us in the first place. Many would tell us of all these different diets that had they been trying which led us to do a bit of our own research into if dieting can affect your eyebrow growth!

After doing some research we found that for some people who weren’t including enough iron, protein or fatty acids in their diet they were experiencing hair loss, hair thinning and even slowing down in hair growth. A lack of vitamins A, C, D and E can also cause these issues, along with tiredness which also isn’t good for you!

Some foods that you can include in your everyday diet are really very easy to mix in with your normal foods. Chia seeds (which are an essential omega-3 fatty acid) are so easy to include in your food! Add some to your morning smoothie, sprinkle some on your salad at lunch – you can mix them into anything really and these little seeds are so good for promoting your hair growth! Salmon is a superb way of getting the correct nutrients into you too, cook that along with some spinach and you’ve got yourself a super meal! Vitamin B3 as well is proven to boost your hair growth and you can find lots of different tablets in health stores like Holland & Barrett and the employees in there are super knowledgeable and can help you out too! Obviously if you decide to start taking tablets for the nutrients boost, double check with your GP first!

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