Do Microblading Pens Take the Hassle Out of Filling In?

The hassle of filling in eyebrows every morning can become tedious very quickly. That’s why we here at Harley Treatment Clinic love microblading as it takes 10 minutes off our morning routine which means extra snooze time in bed! Many of our clients that come in have told us before they decided to try microblading they had tried microblading pens. Microblading pens try to mimic the fine lines that we apply with a thin blade, but the pens only use makeup where microblading uses ink and makes it a semi-permanent procedure. We decided to try out the Maybelline Tattoo Pen Micro Pen as that’s what a few of our clients told us they used.

The pen drew on four lines as we tested on our hands first to get used to the pen. The colour was just a standard medium brown, that after was shaken a few times the colour became more prominent. The first try went a little wrong as pressing the pen a little too hard made the line kind of merge together in one solid block with no real lines very visible. Try number 2 was much more successful and the lines were more visible this time. Once the brows were filled in they did look good and we set about our day. There was some smudging by the end of the day after being caught in a typical London drizzle but overall it held up quite well in our busy day. However, what I didn’t like as much was it took 15 minutes extra in the morning makeup routine which ended up making me run a little later than normal. The smudging also wasn’t a good point as having microbladed brows, we are definitely used to having non-smudging brows!

It’s clear to see that this is a good product, but there’s a reason after a while people turn to us for their microbladed eyebrows! We found that using the pen in the morning took just as long as using a dip pot or pencil to fill in eyebrows and you had the extra hassle of including it in your morning routine as well as it not being weatherproof, and living in the UK we definitely are prone to some rain. So, our general consensus over the Maybelline pen was much as the idea is good and the finished result after immediately applying it, we prefer our microbladed brows, and so do our clients!

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